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Logistic job offers in Frankfurt/Main

National job offers


The AbsolventenBoerse provides the contact between universities and industry. It is a service provided by the Careers Service of the University of Rostock. It provides students with the chance to present their application as potential employees in the internet to interested employers. In this way, graduates can make a start in their working career, make a step into their dream job or find a way into their chosen field of work.

Absolventen im Web

Specially for high school graduates, this job market is called Abiw (Absolventen im Web). It works together with high schools, transfer jobs, further education establishments and the qualified employee services of the state job center. A special service available is to digitalise job applications. Your documents will be made anonymous and published under a box number in a graduate catalog via the internet.


This graduates newspaper provides you with a career planner. In addition you find out about all the latest in industry that is relevant to an application. There are also links to job markets all over the world.


At Akademiker-Online apart from job offers, diploma and practical experience opportunities you can also find comprehensive information about companies that are looking for academics. You can find out, for instance, who would be your personal contact when applying for a practical experience post.


Alma Mater offers jobs for graduates and provides a job exchange service for students that will give them practial experience and ease their transition into the job. Here there is also the option to place online applications and job requests as well as a 'jobletter' that informs you of suitable vacancies.


The largest database with over 250,000 vacancies is provided by the Arbeitsamt (state job center). There are options here to find international vacancies or to find out about job training courses.


Berufsstart Aktuell provides you with a host of companies that are interested in graduates of the most varied subjects. There is also a practical and dissertation pinboard. Those who want to work during their studies can look under the links Ferien-/Semesterjobs / Werkstudenten to find current job offers.


Cesar brings you quickly to many job offers that are available in the Internet. The website is very clearly laid out. It also contains links to all German internet job markets and even has tips for your successful application.


Graduates can get their entire application folder scanned and sent free of charge to the initiators of the database, 4more Personalmarketing and Berufsstart.de, so that they can be seen online by companies. Firms can put the profile for suitable applicants in the database. The company will be informed as soon as an applicant meets the selection criteria.


Over 10,000 job offers on a well-made website. It is possible here to enter an anonymous job search that can be seen by interested employers.


This job market shows attractive jobs at home and abroad. There are also tips, addresses, experience reports on work within Europe and outside, information on exhibitions & events and much more ...


A simple-to-use job market with a magazine in which interesting subjects for job searchers such as career planning, application tips, employment law, literature and event notes are included.


Current jobs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Quick results, clearly structured. Many useful features!


Contains an alphabetic list of all job-titles contained in this job portal. You can see immediately how many jobs are currently in each of the sections. Job-Office provides job searchers with a free applicants forum.


This site delivers free job offers, an easy search machine as well as available training places and practical training.


Jobpilot is specially tailored to high school graduates and managers. ACcurate searches and chronologically dated offers are enhanced by a wide spectrum of services such as company profiles and tips for applicants.


The JobRobot visits over 150 job portals daily, analyses the content and gather the information obtained into a summary for you. You can therefore quickly get an overview of the jobs currently available in the internet.


Jobscanner seraches the websites of larger companies for current vacancies. The job data gathered is put through intelligent geocoordinates and content analysis to provide an effective search according to occupation, industry, location and topicality of the advertisement.


Apart from many thousand job adverts, Jobscout 24 also provides job search facility and a job mail service that informs you about the latest vacancies that suit you.


Here you will find a quick and easy meta search hrough many thousand job offers in Germany from various different job markets.


Larger nationwide job market for many different industries. You can set up a free user account and publish a job search through this, take part in the "Jobs by Mail" process or search through the database for suitable jobs.


Jobware has clearly constructed pages. The job offers are divided according to general jobs, those for students (Campus) and those for starters. It also contains a company almanac with over 400 companies. In addition: addresses of many companies that are good for initiative applications, a calender with job market-relevant event dates.


Comprehensive meta search machine that evaluates around 300,000 jobs from various job markets. The search is forwarded to ten German search machines. Simple user interface by inputting industry, keywords or postcode/region.


The personal career manager helps you in the search for the right job, with the creation of your CV and provides experts tips for your career.


Placing job adverts and searches is no longer a problem. On the following pages the jobs are divided into various sectors, e.g. marketing, sales, personnel etc. The job offers are sorted by date, the most current are therefore right on top. You can apply directly by email or by completing a form that is downloadable from the internet.


Very comprehensive database with around 13,000 job offers nationwide from all industries. There is also a simple search machine for suitable vacancies. In addition you can create your search profile here and you will be informed daily of suitable job offers.


A simple-to-use site that is divided into commercial, technical and other occupations. You can see here immediately if jobs are available in each of the sections.


Stepstone provides the current job offers, attractive practical experience opportunites and available trainee places and finds companies for diploma studies. The job agent sends you vacancies that match your profile by mail.

Regional Offers


Jobs in the region of Berlin/Brandenburg appear on this professionally-built and non-commercial market for students lookig for practical experience, students in later semesters, graduates and young professionals in all subjects.


The concept followed here will make job searching eaesier for students. It consists of a combination of an internet presence as well as centrally-placed monitors and terminals at universities and highschools. The jobs on show are updated daily.

Studentische Arbeitsvermittlung Dresden

The Dresden student job market supports students from home and abroad in their search for work. Job offers can be called up daily.

International Jobs


International platform with articles and jobs in high-tech industries together with information on career events in Europe and the USA. For graduates that are looking worldwide.


Ess-Europe.de - European Health Insurance Information for Students.

Internet Career Connection

The oldest internet job market with widely diversified vacancies.


A clearly laid-out site with a lot of information to do with job searching.


Outofgermany.de - Forum: Working in foreign countries - International job offers.


This website is updated daily with new job offers, i.e. new or altered vacancies are added, those no longer available are delted. This guarantees that its up-to-date and provides high quality results from job searches.

Special Job Offers


A job market specially for companies in the computer industry. The job offers here can be filtered by land (state) or by company name.


Curriculum Vitae - CV Writing Consultancy with Examples.


Economics graduates of the Free University of Berlin e.V. are providing a service here for graduates of economic studies in Berlin and Brandenburg to find jobs and practical experience opportunities. It also has an applicants section. Students and graduates can put their C.V. online and view job offers here. Companies can see these (anonymous) C.V.s and contact the graduates. This service is free of charge for applicants!

Worldwide Journalist

A job market specially for journalists and PR people. You also have access to the latest jobs even as a guest.


One of the first medical job markets in German-speaking countries. A range of personnel consultants and medical establishments publish their vacancies here. Job seraches can also be advertised here free of charge.


This job market is specialised on placing IT specialists and managers. It is very clearly laid out and you can search according to various criteria, e.g. by postcode. The absolute latest jobs are highlighted.


Jobs for telecommuters can be found here on this portal.